Photos et vidéos. Le monde a vu la Lune rougir


Si vous avez raté l’occasion d’admirer l’éclipse lunaire de ce vendredi 27 juillet, nous vous proposons de revivre ce moment grâce à une sélection de photos qui ont capté le phénomène en plusieurs points du monde.

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Little bit of TimeLapse action early this morning with @daynenash . . #GalaxialWeirdness
Bit of a side note regarding the weird star trajectories that a couple have noticed ie some stars heading in the opposite direction to the moon.. Was a little tired when i processed the timelapse due to the 4am alarm, then a few friends tried to bury me on a 75km bike ride straight after, so was just about falling asleep at the computer.. So when i saw it at the time, I just thought "that's strange" and didn't think more of it until a couple noticed it as well.. .
So this is for those that are concerned that the Galaxy may got out of whack!
My first thought was, that the opposite rotation stars were actually seagulls (as there were plenty of them out, still blaming fatigue for clearly poor thought processes) Would have been pretty Impressive seagulls as it turns out to be able to fly so accurately over a period of 30mins.. Not the case.. .
The plan for the TimeLapse was to have 2 cameras shooting at different focal lengths – one "wider" to get all of Eureka Tower in frame (70mm), and the other to shoot at 500mm to get a close up of the moon and allow for a specific exposure for the moon.. Few technical issues and that didn't quiet happen – next time!! So, what i ended up doing, was using the same shot, and zoom in on the moon, just to make it more prominent on the timelapse – cheating/fake? some may say that, I'm calling "Creative Intent" on it ? I needed to “track” the moon shot from left to right to slow it down in post processing (as now it's zoomed in and apparently travelling faster than it should) so the stars travelling left to right are actually pretty static in the original frame, but now I'm tracking them left to right across the final composite edit.. Confused? I certainly was trying to figure it out, made my brain still hurts!! .
So, all is good in the Galaxy, great spoting by @chrislajner and @charpentier878, the planet thanks you! . #lunareclipse #timelapse #d850 #nikon #yarrariver #melbourne #visitvictoria #visitmelbourne #moon #eclipse #birrarungmarr #eurekaskydeck #quaywest @eureka_skydeck #rowing #rowingsheds #composite

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#eclipse #sharmelsheikh

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Fly me to the moon. ?✈️✨☺️ Вчерашнее самое длинное лунное затмение XXI века, про которое я во всех этих подготовках к ремонтам и переездам совершенно забыла, неожиданно застало меня на балконе. Вышла из нагретого в течение дня 38-градусной ? жарой дома глотнуть вечерней прохлады – и вижу выходящую из-за дома напротив луну. Багровую удивительную. ???? Пока бегала за камерой и искала давно неюзанный телевик, затмение – и без того уже не бывшее полным – заметно уменьшилось, а через несколько минут луну и вовсе затянуло облаками. Но кадр-другой я сделать успела. И даже в качестве утешительного бонуса, вон, самолёт как удачно пролетел. ✌?? Представляете, какую красоту в тот момент наблюдали в иллюминатор пассажиры!

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